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We are now offering up some pretty great advertising packages as well as blog tour prices. Below you will find different rates for different ways to advertise with us. The best part is when you advertise with us, its not just on this blog page. It would be all over social media sites. Below you can also click on all of our social media sites.

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We will work with you to make sure that each event we provide meets your individual needs.

We will provide the following for your events:

❀ A sign up sheet for bloggers to join in
❀ Emailing the event and sign up to blogs
❀ Adding the event to our site
❀ Sending your ARCs (direct to kindles) to reviewers
*ARCs must be available up to two months in advance prior to the start of the tour. This is to allow and ensure that the reviewers/blog tour hosts have sufficient time to read and review. We understand that sometimes the “two month” time frame is not an option, and we are more than happy to work with you in that event, but must discuss this topic before booking the blog tour.
❀ Create event banners, buttons, and teasers
❀ Provide info packet and html packet to bloggers for the event
❀ Schedule the blogs for the event
❀ Manage Giveaways** (prizes to be furnished by the author)

Below is a list of what we offer and what we need from you in order to put the tours together.

What is needed:

Cover (and cover picture without words if available)
Title, Genre, Release date
Buy Links
Other Book(s) in series (If it’s a series)
Buy links for each book(s)
Teaser quotes
Author bio
Author follow links
Giveaway (if you choose to do a giveaway)








Five Days ~ $100*
Ten Days ~ $130*


Five Days ~ $70*


Package 1: $40 for spotlight spot for four months (Above posts)

Package 2: $15 dollars for one book cover for four months on the right or left sidebar.

Package 3: $25 dollars for 2 books on a 3D image rotator for four months on the right or left sidebar. ($2 dollars for each additional book.)


Teaser Graphic Basic – $35
Graphic size: Square 2000 x 2000 plx
Includes cover, quote and one image.


To book an event and/or blog tour, please fill out the form and we will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.




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