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My name is Dannaë, I’m a mom, for lack of a better word a wife. I have recently become a Wellness advocate for dōTERRA. If you ever want to check it out here is my website: http://www.mydoterra.com/dannaelessard/

I’m not a romantic person what so ever, yet that is my favorite genre to read.  I love to ski, kayak, and tube whenever I have free time.  I have recently taken an interest in marketing, and hope to someday soon take some classes to further what I have learned over the last year.

I started this blog because one day I decided to one click an author I had never heard of before. It was ONLY 99 cents, well I read it and fell in love with not only the story but the way the author had written the book. I told my favorite reading buddy, Missy that she needed to read this book. She too loved it and wanted me to get more books from this author and others like her.  From there I decided that other people needed to know about all these wonderful authors who are not as popular as say, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyers, or even Stephen King.

I met and got to know Heather, through our love of the lovely Rachel Van Dyken. Through the process of promoting Rachel Van Dyken and other amazing authors together, our friendship blossomed into more of sisters than just friends. When we finally got to meet at The Occasionalist in New York City, you would have thought we knew each other our whole lives.

There are some amazing books out there that people need to know about, so our mission is to help get them known.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog!
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10733585_622566166288_1801605556_nMy name is Heather I am a wife, contract worker at Nuclear Plants, and voracious reader. I have constant love stories in my head either from movies, books, music or my own imagination I guess thats why it is my favorite genre to read. I love to geocache (treasure hunting with a GPS), tube, snowboard (its been awhile) and travel (my husband and I are Disney lovers). I have recently gotten interested in learning to crochet its been….lets just say many attempts have been made and i have only gotten one line done.

I met Dannaë through our mutal love of the author Rachel Van Dyken. We chatted and got to know each other. We both love to read and promote Indie authors as they need as much promoting as possible to get their amazing stories out to people who wouldn’t even know about them. Since I started my one-click journey and meeting all these Indie authors, either in person or via the internet I have spread the word to as many people as possible. When I talk about authors to friends or family its like I am talking about friends and I’m sharing all the gossip and all of their latest news. My family has now learned to accept this and just rolls with it. Mine and Dannaë’s relationship has blossomed from there and eventually she ended up adding me to the blog. We finally got to meet this summer in NYC and I now claim her son as my nephew.

My mission is the same as Dannaë’s to help get these amazing and talented authors known. If you have any suggestions for authors for us to read PLEASE let us know we will gladly pick up a copy of their book and give them a shot!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog!

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